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STAR WARS: Echoes of the Force

House rules


  • Geonosis (Geonosian Colony; Retcon due to new canon)
    • Contact with arms merchant
  • Melida-Daan
    • Ship underwent refit here
  • Tatooine
    • Mos-Shuuta: Wanted for theft
    • Teemo’s Palace: Wrecked.
  • Spintir
    • Jedi temple planet
  • Elrood sector planet (Elrood? Kidron?)
  • Asmeru
    • Made good with bandits, acquired transport for rebels
  • Fresia
    • INCOM HQ, now Imperial controlled
  • Unknown jungle planet, boot camp site
  • The Wheel
  • Cholganna, Nexu world
  • Raxus Prime, IsoTech headquarters
  • Millius Prime
  • Junkfort Station
  • Jabiim
    • Paradise Station


  • Black Talon, Pirates
  • The Scourge, Pirates


Major Players

Minor Players

  • Lotan, captain of the Green Sands (Gthroc 580)
  • Markos Singh, smuggler captain [DECEASED]
  • Marv “Willis” Moray, miner foreman (???)
  • Mirr-tan, fallen Jedi apprentice [DECEASED]
  • R5-K3, rogue droid
  • R2-B7, droid revolutionary
  • The Broker (Elrood sector)
  • Guidan Rel, Dugg junk dealer (Asmeru)
  • Marss Drugin, leader of the Scarlet Runners gang
  • Bray Chel, Zabrak, Scarlet Runners leutenant
  • Reom, IsoTech President
  • Brute – Kaleesh male, “Beast” Barill jahn Nemai [Chiss merc stats]
  • Marksman – Polis Massan female, “Silent” [Imperial assassin stats]
  • Scout – Bothan male, Meris Akley [Emperor’s hand stats]
  • Commander/Techie – Human Female, Aryn Malcin [Alliance commander stats]

Diathim Fleet

Skull Squadron (Fighters)

  • Morgan Hunter, Human, Skull Leader
  • R3-Z3 “Re-Z”
  • “Cauvin”, Cathar, Skull ??

Wolf Squadron (Bombers)

  • “Flygirl”, Wolf Leader




New Stuff



Ships, By Faction

  • Civilian
    • BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
    • C-73 Tracker Starfighter
    • Nova Cruiser
    • HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Reugeot 905 freighter

Vehicle Attachments

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