House Rules


These are rules that are currently being tested and may be subject to change.

  • Vehicle:Personal scale weapon ratio adjusted down to 5:1


  • Minions specifically in a ‘unit’ take damage before a unit’s hero/villain


  • Replacing a weapon system with a system containing equal or less weapons, does not utilize a hard point
  • Named character’s ships get +50% HT (Currently restricted to Sil 3. Might apply to larger ships later)
  • PC’s ships cost 66% of missing HT (because of HT bonus)
  • Laser and blasters weapons subtract (Sil -4) *10 from critical hit results on ships silhouette 5 and higher

Specific vehicles

Gozanti Armed Transport

  • HT reduced to 37 and SS to 28

Gozanti C-ROC Transport

  • HT and SS reduced
  • Shields will likely be reduced
  • Weapons likely reduced


  • Type changed to Courier
  • HT and SS changed to 14 each
  • All other stats remain the same

House Rules

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