Echoes of the Force

Season 2, Episode 10

Junkyard throwdown, part II

Flanked by the Karma, the Blockade Bandit took off from Scrapheap point, scattering junk as it pulled it’s aging hull from the mounds of debris. Two squadrons of TIE fighters, who had been providing air support to the ground battle, closed on the rebel ships, attempting to stop them before they could make orbit. Although the doctor was the quickest to the fight, Siol scored the first kill shot, completely vaporizing a TIE fighter with the corvette’s large turbo laser turret. Others quickly followed, though the weapon fire wrecked havok with the corvette’s sensitive power systems. And though the TIEs were falling fast, there was still enough of them that the Karma took more than a few bumps from the skilled Imperial pilots.

The last of the TIEs went down as the two ships broke atmosphere, and entered within firing range of the two patrol ships that had formed a blockade. The Karma pulled ahead to get the enemy ships within range of it’s smaller guns, and the doctor moved to Varan’s Z-95 to take advantage of it’s torpedo launchers. Despite the effort to concentrate their fire, the Karma and the Bandit were unable to take either of the ships down cleanly. The Bandit started to struggle against the limits of it’s systems, and Siol gave up on firing his turret in order to perform damage control on the electronics. The Karma was overwhelmed by the Imperial firepower and was set adrift. While the doc continued the torpedo barrage, Swayze retrieved the ship’s AI core, and attempted to get the ship’s cat onto the Gibbed Moon.

In the end, both of the patrol craft were taken out. The Bandit made it to the hyperspace point without being too damaged, though Siol was busy putting out fires, both literal and metaphorical, the entire trip to Iso-One. The Karma also managed to limp into hyperspace, due to a last ditch effort by Swayze and Doc to restore some life to the crippled ship.

XP: +10 (300)
Credits: 6,000 each


DigitalAngel DigitalAngel

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