Echoes of the Force

Season 2, Episode 16
in with the trash, out with the treasure

After the gala, Swayze, Varan and Siol make a hasty retreat back to the lower levels of Paradise station, while Muderbot and Engine Weasel go to deal with the banking bot. Donning black garb and masks, they make their way to the utility tunnels, previously scouted by cambot, and begin their ascent. For this leg of the mission, they are well prepared; Their camera droid alerts them of incoming hazards, and they have already discovered the nesting locations of the native rawwks. Hoping to create a distraction elsewhere on the station, they drive some of the creatures from their homes with stun rods, and out into one of the side passages, though they are careful not to provoke those that seem to be nesting.

Reaching the top of the garbage chute, they enter the maintenance room of the museum. There they wait, until they’re certain of the position of the guards… or at least, that was the plan. Before they ascertain the position of the guards, they hear the cleaning droid making it’s way back. So an ambush is set. As soon as the droid enters the back room, the doctor lifts the small droid with the force and dumps it down the garbage chute. The sound, however, alerts the near by security droids doing their rounds, and they come to investigate. Another ambush is set, and the door is quickly closed behind the droids as they enter, and are quickly dispatched by blaster fire. Down the chute they go. But it turns out, the lead of the security team on site hears the muffled blaster fire, and comes to investigate. Hoping that the guards would overlook the room if it was sealed shut, Doc Windham holds the door closed with the force. Sadly, finding the door sealed, but security guard calls in the irregularity, and requests backup. Things go down hill fast. Swayze kicks the door open, and stuns the lead guard, while the doctor jumps past, and amazingly, takes down two guards with one punch, and destroying the blaster of the third. The last guard surrenders, but when he’s unable to call off the reinforcements (not being the ranking officer on site), the doctor knocks him out with a pressure point.

Siol heads to the front to disable the security cameras, while Swayze and Varan head to the room with their prize. Swayze finds the security system to be beyond his skill however, and they have Siol come back to deal with it next. That doesn’t go so well though, as Siol first trips the security, causing a lockdown, and then gets a nasty shock when taking down the electro-railings. With the rest of the team locked in the crystal room, Doc attempts to disable the security, and lifts the lockdown on pure talent. Taking only the gem, the four of them quickly vacate the premises only minutes before security arrives, and quickly descends to the lower levels.

While the party manages to avoid search teams for the moment, they’re interrupted by a strange old woman that they all recognize from the gala earlier. She demands the jewel from them, and though they all resist, they all feel the power of the force pulling at their minds. Seeing her trick failing her, the woman pulled a flickering red lightsaber from her sleeve and attacked. Swayze gets off the first shot, but she deflects the blast with her saber, and lifts Siol and Varan from the ground in a constructing grip. The doctor resists, and swings for the fallen jedi. Not realizing what she’s dealing with, she attempts to block Doc’s fist with her blade… only to have it fizzle out on contact with the cortosis gauntlets. The battle rages on, with party landing some good hits on the surprisingly resistant old woman, before she gets her lightsaber reignited. Swayze is hit by a force propelled boiler from above. Varan by multiple dumpsters, which downs the grievously wounds the pilot. Eventually, the fallen jedi pulls down the signage scaffolding, in attempt to escape. However, Varan, who is back amoung the conscious due to Doc’s intervention carefully lines up a shot that fatally strikes the woman in the heart, despite all of the debris in the way. In a last moment of defiance, the fallen jedi cuts open one of the maintenance shafts, and throws herself to her doom.

XP: +20 (370)

Season 2, Episode 15
Blasters not included?

Gala. Siol winning pilot, Engine weasel waiter, Swayze reporter. Rivalry. Love confession. Varan and Murderbot show up. More rivalry. Doctor makes a brief appearance, realizes the gem seems to be a form of kyber crystal. Arrange deal between corp woman and hutt. Things wrap up uneventfully. Total bid of 260,000cr.

No one got (physically) hurt.

XP: +10 (350)
Credits: -1 good suit worth for Siol

Season 2, Episode 14
Mortal Injury Race 2000

It was time to put the plan into action; The day of the Jabiim Open GP. Almost three dozen racers from various corners of the hyperlanes gathered at Paradise city for the race of the year. Varan and Siol entered on behalf of Hadron Hypercommunications, a front of a shell company. Their bracket included the infamous Stormhawks, a pair in the pocket of the Hutt cartels, and a local boy… And a handful of nobodies unworthy of mention.

Off the start, Varan put her metal to the pedal, bringing the speeder to such a fast start that warning alarms were going off the instant they started. The first few legs they maintained a steady lead, however, the breakneck speed was too hard to control, and their speeder took a nasty hit against a large wave. Siol managed to keep them from suffering any system failure, but the lost time of missing a buoy hampered their overall time.

And then the track became more challenging.

Flocks of airborne sea creatures congested the skies, giving the pair more trouble, as the Stormhawks and local boy closed the distance, while the Hutt team (who were considered the most dangerous in the race) fell further behind. Varan and Siol maintained their lead, as the kid got closer, and the Stormhawks became more hindered by the course. They made it safely past the sea creatures, but the Stormhawks’ speeder was damaged in a gas combustion.

At the end, the team managed to set an impressive, if lucky to survive, time. The local boy managed to place a distinct second without putting himself in mortal danger, and the Stormhawks a distant and disappointing third.

The crowd response would have been overwhelming, if they weren’t so shell shocked. And Swayze just wished he thought to bet on the race.

XP: +15 (340)

Season 2, Episode 13
Welcome to Paradise, part 2

With the rest of the party arriving on Jabiim in a salved husk of a Gymsnor freighter, Arend lays out his plan. The party is to secure entry into the upcoming gala by winning a local race, and then drive up the bidding on the corusca crystal. Then, after the bidding ends, they are to funnel the funds into a secure account, steal the crystal, and get away without being caught. Easy. The party is confident at first, but after scoping out the museum where the gala, and the gem, will be held, they realize that this sort of subtle theft is outside the scope of their usual operations. They hire a local slicer to dig up information on the different bidders, and attempt to sneak into the government buildings for an encryption sample needed to make a computer spike. While Engine Weasel manage to break into the building quickly enough, they and Swayze quickly run into security droids inside. As the night goes loud, the party takes down the droids quickly, and they lift the samples, and an ID printer as misdirection, before the authorities arrive on the scene.

Hopefully the real heist will go better.

XP: +10 (325)
Credits: -X

Season 2, Episode 12
Welcome to Paradise, part 1

Traveling ahead of the others, Swayze, Tiol and the doctor take the Gibbed Moon and head… in the rough direction of civilization. They end up at the smuggler haven of Junkfort station, and while they look for work and try to work out their next plan at the local cantina, they are approached by a droid claiming to represent a “Lord Dorne”, an intimidating Herglic crimelord. He gives them a job as a trial of their abilities; They are to assist his agent on Jabiim in heisting a rare Corusca crystal.

On Jabiim, they make contact with Aris Shen, the daughter of Arend Shen. She isn’t able to talk about the job at the time, due to her husband’s men keeping an eye on her, but Swayze and Windham discretely shake the tail and Aris takes them to meet her father to plan the heist.

XP: +5 (315)

Season 2, Episode 11
At the world of a thousand moons, or, Murder bot looses an arm to a plant

The group manages to limp to the fringe world of Millius Prime. The world is sparsely populated, but they find the locals willing to help. Unfortunately, being barely colonized, they find that the moon doesn’t have the supplies necessary to repair the Karma. To make matters worse, when attempting to gather supplies, the cat gets loose and chases after on of the local flying creatures. Guided by Iris, a local orphan, they attempt to track the wayward feline, only to be attacked by some of the local vegetation. In the ensuing battle, Murderbot gets an arm severed by the plant monster… and later retrieves it and uses it to bait back their cat. Morbid.

XP: +10 (310)

Season 2, Episode 10
Junkyard throwdown, part II

Flanked by the Karma, the Blockade Bandit took off from Scrapheap point, scattering junk as it pulled it’s aging hull from the mounds of debris. Two squadrons of TIE fighters, who had been providing air support to the ground battle, closed on the rebel ships, attempting to stop them before they could make orbit. Although the doctor was the quickest to the fight, Siol scored the first kill shot, completely vaporizing a TIE fighter with the corvette’s large turbo laser turret. Others quickly followed, though the weapon fire wrecked havok with the corvette’s sensitive power systems. And though the TIEs were falling fast, there was still enough of them that the Karma took more than a few bumps from the skilled Imperial pilots.

The last of the TIEs went down as the two ships broke atmosphere, and entered within firing range of the two patrol ships that had formed a blockade. The Karma pulled ahead to get the enemy ships within range of it’s smaller guns, and the doctor moved to Varan’s Z-95 to take advantage of it’s torpedo launchers. Despite the effort to concentrate their fire, the Karma and the Bandit were unable to take either of the ships down cleanly. The Bandit started to struggle against the limits of it’s systems, and Siol gave up on firing his turret in order to perform damage control on the electronics. The Karma was overwhelmed by the Imperial firepower and was set adrift. While the doc continued the torpedo barrage, Swayze retrieved the ship’s AI core, and attempted to get the ship’s cat onto the Gibbed Moon.

In the end, both of the patrol craft were taken out. The Bandit made it to the hyperspace point without being too damaged, though Siol was busy putting out fires, both literal and metaphorical, the entire trip to Iso-One. The Karma also managed to limp into hyperspace, due to a last ditch effort by Swayze and Doc to restore some life to the crippled ship.

XP: +10 (300)
Credits: 6,000 each

Season 2, Episode 9
Junkyard throwdown, part I

With the time passing slowly on Raxus Prime, the crew of the Karma decides to check out a passing Jawa trade caravan. They proceed to one of Is Tech’s shrouded alcoves, where they find a small, roughly wagon sized, barge parked next to a half dozen Jawas of various sizes. After some confusion over if they were on the barge or not, Swayze decides to check out one of the suspiciously quiet Jawas.

As he bumps into one of the Jawas to get a closer look, the leader pulls a weapon, and is revealed to be familiar Sullustian ganger. A short combat ensues. Siol draws the brunt of the attack, falling back with blaster wounds; Murderbot is hit a few times, but barely notices.

With wounded, they fall back to IsoTech’s medical facilities. Signs of battle are evident across the compound, with IsoTech’s reception facility fallen to enemy hands, and fierce fighting at the residence facility, and at the Karma. At the medical facility though they find Reom, their missing employer. He reveals (after negotiating their pay) that he was injured in a Yiyar clan attack while he was The Wheel, and had been recovering here.

XP: +15 (290)

Season 2, Episode 8
Killing time; Also, droids

With their employer still yet to arrive, the crew is given a shopping list by the engine weasel. While half the crew votes to go raid an Imperial Outpost, Siol vetos the idea, and instead locates the ruins of a Confederate frigate. The junk ruins are found to be much easier to navigate in a slow land speeder, though the canyon walls themselves are still a challenge. After finding the “natural” handholds too frail for his liking, Coregold shows off his brute strength by carving now ones with his fists, as he free climbs the cliff. With an ally above, and a rope secured, the rest make it up without difficulty.

The frigate itself is a dusty derelect, with no power. Coregold, with his fancy new multi spectrum sight has no trouble, but the rest wish they had more than one flashlight between them. Siol and Coregold, using their mechanical expertise, quickly realize they don’t know the front from the back of a Confederate frigate. Their errant trek to find the main battery controls, instead find the Captain’s quarters. Hoping to find a map, they instead find a safe, and a bottle of wine. A great find, though they realize after some pondering, that they have neither the tools nor expertise to open it. Falling back to the classics, Coregold (with the doctor’s help) rips the safe from the wall.

With the newly made hole in the wall, the party quickly discovers what that skittering sound they’d been hearing from the vents was: Buzzdroids. Coregold quickly realizes how dangerous the things can be, as one of the drills pierces straight through his armor. Coregold fights the droids with hand and fist, while Siol and Varan pick the droids off one by one with blasters. Doc on the other hand, decides the best course of action is to call upon the force to keep a pair of droids suspended in the air at a time, where they can’t hurt anyone. After the droids are quickly dispatched before they can do too much harm, Doc blames the floating droids on a gravity malfunction. No one buys it, and Varan, with dripping and bitter sarcasm, agrees that yes, there must be a problem with the planet and it’s gravity.

After dropping off the safe and their wine outside the ship, the search for the gunnery controls continues. The next obstacle they encounter was a simple hole through three decks of the ship, gaining a bitter reaction from Coregold. However, with his secret out in the open, Doc calls upon the force to quickly move the party across the pit, and turning it into a non-issue. The real issue it turns out would be the pair of droideka down the hall on the other side. Doc smashes the droids into the walls, and Coregold charges in to slash one of the droids before they can get their shields up. Siol sadly finds that his blaster is less than useful against their thick armor, though through precision and having spent a small fortune on pistols, Varan finds less issue. The destroyer droids don’t last long under the combined onslaught, including a timely shot from Swayze, as he rejoins the party.

XP: +10 (275)

Season 2, Episode 7
Lost in the shuffle

Whoops, lost track of which session ended where.

XP: +15 (265)


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