Echoes of the Force

Current state of affairs

Party XP: 135

  • Met with local insurgent, Pinder, and arranged to provide distraction for his team, in exchange for help finding the datacore.
  • Party rescued a gank mercenary from smuggler’s using him as leverage.
  • In pursuit of an ancient datacore, the party raided a private collection of artifacts at the museum. Things went much louder than planned.

Party members present: Malachai, Varan, Doc, Sol, “MurderBot”
XP gained: 15 (150 total)

End of Spintir episode, season 1
  • Returned to dawn temple
  • Repaired temple
  • Hunted down escapees
  • Fought and disarmed dark Jedi. Repaired stasis pod and left him in the temple prison

Items obtained:

  • Jedi battle robes
  • Holocron (Knowledge of unarmed combat
  • Red lightsaber

XP gained: 20 (170 total)

Season 2, Ep 1

The party makes contact with an antiquities dealer in the Elrood sector, and offloads their “liberated” items. They’re fortunate that the dealer is respectable, as they gave him the items up front. He will sell the item for them, taking 25% of the profits as a finder’s fee. In retrospect, that’s a pretty good deal for the party.

On the way, however, they were beseiged by pirates. The Karma, and the Frank exchange of views, were severely damaged. A secretive member of the rebel alliance recognized and approached the party, offering to have the Karma repaired in exchange for extracting some people and hardware.

XP: +10 (160)

Season 2, Episode 2

Siol, Coregold and Doc Windham head to Asmeru with R3-Z3 “Re-Z” to aquire a Kappa class transport from a local junk shop owner. Upon arrival, they find the transport was sold to the leader of the Crimson Runner gang, under coercion. While tracking down the gang, they instead manage to draw their attention, but manage to secure a meet at Beggar’s point, along the bleeched skull chasm. While Marss threatned their lives, their refusal to backdown earned some respect, and he agreed to sell the ship to them… for slightly more than they offered.

Having some free time, they picked up a quick mercenary contract; Dealing with some thieves and murders out in an abandoned farm house, and earning themselves some wampa skin coats.


  • Morgan Hunter, Skull Leader
  • R3-Z3
  • Guidan Rel, Dugg junk dealer
  • Marss Drugin, leader of the Scarlet Runner guild
  • Bray Chel, Scarlet Runner leutenant

XP: +10 (170)

Season 2, Episode 3
The Fresia Heist

In a coordinated effort with the rebel alliance, the entire gang travelled to Fresia in the stolen Imperial transport. While the first team went to steal the X-wing prototypes, the karma gang went to retrieve the development materials and the researchers. Things were going well until, in the second lab, the party was ambushed by a number of combat droids disguised as labour bots. Half the party dispatched the droids and saved the scientists, while the others destroyed the test units.

XP: +10 (180)
Credits: +2000 (each)

Season 2, Special 1

General Dodonna approaches the party with a concern. One of his transports has gone missing in the Baffin ice fields; A notoriously difficult area to navigate. He has received word from an aged Lannik named Herman, and one of the captain’s many droids, R0-D1, who managed to make it to a small mining outpost while the others stayed with the ship.

Jumping into the systems, the ice fields immediately lived up to theirs reputation, and while Varan in his Z-95Ex avoided more than scraping it’s shields, the Gibbed Moon, with Swayze, Siol and Coregold, was lightly damaged. Reaching planetside, the party, who fortunately took the time to stock up liberally on appropriate supplies, found just how inhospitable an ice ball could be. Eager to get off the planet, they recruited an old miner named Cornelius, and trekked out to find Herman and the waylaid pilot. First the traveled to the lands of the discarded droids, and their, oddly named, king, a “Fire-breather”-like droid named Moonracer. With careful words, the negotiated for sensor data to lead them to the crashed transport, which lead them to take the treacherous path through the ice caves of the snow beasts. With confidence, and Cambot as a guide, they dispatched the first beast with ease. The second trial was to cross an icy gorge, and while they made it across with ease, the found that “Murderbot” actually did fear SOMETHING: Narrow paths. Crossing the gorge brought them to the lair of the abominable snow beast and his snow beast minions. Unable to dispatch the beasts before they could act, the party quickly learned why the beasts were feared. Siol was nearly dispatched, and Varan was horribly maimed. Even Coregold was seriously injured. After a grueling fight, that crippled the Abominable Snow beast beyond reason before it was killed, the party discovers R0-D1 by it’s eery red light, and the fallen Herman.

Without further incident, they reunited “Rudy” the droid with the transport captain and his other 8 droids, fixed the transport, and lead by Varan and the red lighted droid, made it safely back through the ice field, and delivered the cargo.

XP: +10 (190)
Credits: +2500

Season 2, Episode 4
Training day

The crew of the Karma Chameleon are taken to a secret rebel training camp, on an unknown forested world. There they meet with a grizzled old (and tiny) clone wars veteran named Sergeant Telenvar. Telenvar’s opinion of the party at first did not seem very high, accusing them of relying on luck more than skill to survive their ordeals. Over two months of training, they went through three primary evaluations. In the physical evaluation, Siol showed surprising aptitude, while Murder-bot showed increasing frustration. Swayze almost bombed out completely, due to food poisoning from some bad por’qu.

The team was more on the ball for the mock mission test, even if Murder-bot was deeply upset over needing to use a large stun baton, rather than his normal sword. The opposing force was quickly defeated, with Swayze even managing to snipe the tank’s driver, and Varan quickly taking control of the vehicle. Doc, frustrated with his ability to affect simulated combat reasonably, drew upon the force recklessly, and injured a soldier.

The final exercise was a duel against the second unit in training. Coregold went ahead and almost literally ran into the other team’s scout, and was fortunate that the other man was even more off his game. When Coregold doubled back, Doc approached and disarmed the heavy of his shield, and the others quickly took him down without his cover. The scout went down shortly after, and Swayze managed to take down the other sniper in and exceptionally long ranged shoot out. Unable to successfully flank, with the rest of his team defeated, the opposing leader surrendered.

XP: +10 (200 total)
Credits: +5,000 credits each (from Museum heist)

Season 2, Episode 5
The wheel turns

Having some formal training under their belts, and with their newly repaired ship returned to them, the crew heads out to the far ends of the outer rim to follow up on a business call. A twi’lek named Reom, and old associate of Malakai, has called in his debt. He recently recieved word of the fate of an old CIS frigate turned treasure ship, and he needs a skilled crew to investigate. Lured by promises of treasure and exotic locals, they quickly agree to help. Things quickly get started on the wrong foot, with some rival Rodians attempting to steal the protocol droid that Reom sent to assist. The robbery quickly turns into a shoot out, and though they recover the droid, the crew with trouble with station security. With their mission delayed several days, and having to have paid a large fine, they set out only to find they’re being tracked.

Expecting more trouble from the Rodians, the crew jumps out of hyperspace early to ambush their pursuers, only to find that the Imperials are hunting them as well. With the Imperial scout ship destroyed, they continue on to the feral planet of Cholganna…

XP: +15 (215)
Credits: -10,000 (Damages)

Season 2, Episode 6
Planet of the Cats

+25 XP (240)


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