Echoes of the Force

End of Spintir episode, season 1
  • Returned to dawn temple
  • Repaired temple
  • Hunted down escapees
  • Fought and disarmed dark Jedi. Repaired stasis pod and left him in the temple prison

Items obtained:

  • Jedi battle robes
  • Holocron (Knowledge of unarmed combat
  • Red lightsaber

XP gained: 20 (170 total)

  • Met with local insurgent, Pinder, and arranged to provide distraction for his team, in exchange for help finding the datacore.
  • Party rescued a gank mercenary from smuggler’s using him as leverage.
  • In pursuit of an ancient datacore, the party raided a private collection of artifacts at the museum. Things went much louder than planned.

Party members present: Malachai, Varan, Doc, Sol, “MurderBot”
XP gained: 15 (150 total)

Current state of affairs

Party XP: 135


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