Echoes of the Force

Season 2, Episode 9

Junkyard throwdown, part I

With the time passing slowly on Raxus Prime, the crew of the Karma decides to check out a passing Jawa trade caravan. They proceed to one of Is Tech’s shrouded alcoves, where they find a small, roughly wagon sized, barge parked next to a half dozen Jawas of various sizes. After some confusion over if they were on the barge or not, Swayze decides to check out one of the suspiciously quiet Jawas.

As he bumps into one of the Jawas to get a closer look, the leader pulls a weapon, and is revealed to be familiar Sullustian ganger. A short combat ensues. Siol draws the brunt of the attack, falling back with blaster wounds; Murderbot is hit a few times, but barely notices.

With wounded, they fall back to IsoTech’s medical facilities. Signs of battle are evident across the compound, with IsoTech’s reception facility fallen to enemy hands, and fierce fighting at the residence facility, and at the Karma. At the medical facility though they find Reom, their missing employer. He reveals (after negotiating their pay) that he was injured in a Yiyar clan attack while he was The Wheel, and had been recovering here.

XP: +15 (290)


DigitalAngel DigitalAngel

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