Echoes of the Force

Season 2, Episode 8

Killing time; Also, droids

With their employer still yet to arrive, the crew is given a shopping list by the engine weasel. While half the crew votes to go raid an Imperial Outpost, Siol vetos the idea, and instead locates the ruins of a Confederate frigate. The junk ruins are found to be much easier to navigate in a slow land speeder, though the canyon walls themselves are still a challenge. After finding the “natural” handholds too frail for his liking, Coregold shows off his brute strength by carving now ones with his fists, as he free climbs the cliff. With an ally above, and a rope secured, the rest make it up without difficulty.

The frigate itself is a dusty derelect, with no power. Coregold, with his fancy new multi spectrum sight has no trouble, but the rest wish they had more than one flashlight between them. Siol and Coregold, using their mechanical expertise, quickly realize they don’t know the front from the back of a Confederate frigate. Their errant trek to find the main battery controls, instead find the Captain’s quarters. Hoping to find a map, they instead find a safe, and a bottle of wine. A great find, though they realize after some pondering, that they have neither the tools nor expertise to open it. Falling back to the classics, Coregold (with the doctor’s help) rips the safe from the wall.

With the newly made hole in the wall, the party quickly discovers what that skittering sound they’d been hearing from the vents was: Buzzdroids. Coregold quickly realizes how dangerous the things can be, as one of the drills pierces straight through his armor. Coregold fights the droids with hand and fist, while Siol and Varan pick the droids off one by one with blasters. Doc on the other hand, decides the best course of action is to call upon the force to keep a pair of droids suspended in the air at a time, where they can’t hurt anyone. After the droids are quickly dispatched before they can do too much harm, Doc blames the floating droids on a gravity malfunction. No one buys it, and Varan, with dripping and bitter sarcasm, agrees that yes, there must be a problem with the planet and it’s gravity.

After dropping off the safe and their wine outside the ship, the search for the gunnery controls continues. The next obstacle they encounter was a simple hole through three decks of the ship, gaining a bitter reaction from Coregold. However, with his secret out in the open, Doc calls upon the force to quickly move the party across the pit, and turning it into a non-issue. The real issue it turns out would be the pair of droideka down the hall on the other side. Doc smashes the droids into the walls, and Coregold charges in to slash one of the droids before they can get their shields up. Siol sadly finds that his blaster is less than useful against their thick armor, though through precision and having spent a small fortune on pistols, Varan finds less issue. The destroyer droids don’t last long under the combined onslaught, including a timely shot from Swayze, as he rejoins the party.

XP: +10 (275)


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