Echoes of the Force

Season 2, Episode 5

The wheel turns

Having some formal training under their belts, and with their newly repaired ship returned to them, the crew heads out to the far ends of the outer rim to follow up on a business call. A twi’lek named Reom, and old associate of Malakai, has called in his debt. He recently recieved word of the fate of an old CIS frigate turned treasure ship, and he needs a skilled crew to investigate. Lured by promises of treasure and exotic locals, they quickly agree to help. Things quickly get started on the wrong foot, with some rival Rodians attempting to steal the protocol droid that Reom sent to assist. The robbery quickly turns into a shoot out, and though they recover the droid, the crew with trouble with station security. With their mission delayed several days, and having to have paid a large fine, they set out only to find they’re being tracked.

Expecting more trouble from the Rodians, the crew jumps out of hyperspace early to ambush their pursuers, only to find that the Imperials are hunting them as well. With the Imperial scout ship destroyed, they continue on to the feral planet of Cholganna…

XP: +15 (215)
Credits: -10,000 (Damages)


DigitalAngel DigitalAngel

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