Echoes of the Force

Season 2, Episode 4

Training day

The crew of the Karma Chameleon are taken to a secret rebel training camp, on an unknown forested world. There they meet with a grizzled old (and tiny) clone wars veteran named Sergeant Telenvar. Telenvar’s opinion of the party at first did not seem very high, accusing them of relying on luck more than skill to survive their ordeals. Over two months of training, they went through three primary evaluations. In the physical evaluation, Siol showed surprising aptitude, while Murder-bot showed increasing frustration. Swayze almost bombed out completely, due to food poisoning from some bad por’qu.

The team was more on the ball for the mock mission test, even if Murder-bot was deeply upset over needing to use a large stun baton, rather than his normal sword. The opposing force was quickly defeated, with Swayze even managing to snipe the tank’s driver, and Varan quickly taking control of the vehicle. Doc, frustrated with his ability to affect simulated combat reasonably, drew upon the force recklessly, and injured a soldier.

The final exercise was a duel against the second unit in training. Coregold went ahead and almost literally ran into the other team’s scout, and was fortunate that the other man was even more off his game. When Coregold doubled back, Doc approached and disarmed the heavy of his shield, and the others quickly took him down without his cover. The scout went down shortly after, and Swayze managed to take down the other sniper in and exceptionally long ranged shoot out. Unable to successfully flank, with the rest of his team defeated, the opposing leader surrendered.

XP: +10 (200 total)
Credits: +5,000 credits each (from Museum heist)


DigitalAngel DigitalAngel

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