Echoes of the Force

Season 2, Episode 2

Siol, Coregold and Doc Windham head to Asmeru with R3-Z3 “Re-Z” to aquire a Kappa class transport from a local junk shop owner. Upon arrival, they find the transport was sold to the leader of the Crimson Runner gang, under coercion. While tracking down the gang, they instead manage to draw their attention, but manage to secure a meet at Beggar’s point, along the bleeched skull chasm. While Marss threatned their lives, their refusal to backdown earned some respect, and he agreed to sell the ship to them… for slightly more than they offered.

Having some free time, they picked up a quick mercenary contract; Dealing with some thieves and murders out in an abandoned farm house, and earning themselves some wampa skin coats.


  • Morgan Hunter, Skull Leader
  • R3-Z3
  • Guidan Rel, Dugg junk dealer
  • Marss Drugin, leader of the Scarlet Runner guild
  • Bray Chel, Scarlet Runner leutenant

XP: +10 (170)


DigitalAngel DigitalAngel

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